Shortly after the death of General Franco, Spain restored a constitution in 1978. This allowed for autonomy to return to various regions of Spain. This allowed for each region to create their own laws and regulations, being responsible for schools, universities, health care, social services, culture, urban and rural development and, in some places, policing. This means that each region became its own subculture, restoring the many of the older cultural traditions. Many of dialects resurfaced in this time. Castellano was the only language recognized, banning the dialects of Galicia, Catalan, and Basque. The autonomous regions brought back the teachings of these dialects to promote local identity and pride. In many large cities, such as Barcelona and Valencia, large percentage of people speak Catalan amongst each other, with Castellano seen as a second language. Although the resurrection of these languages had taken place, Castellano remains the nation language of Spain. Seeing that Madrid is the Prestige Center, Castellano continues to be used by the vast majority of Spaniards for years before and to come.

By Sumeet Khosa

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